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Dating-Chat.Org has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrates commitment to privacy and confidentiality. is mostly designed for mature adult,family and relationship in todays society and culture. We valued our users to ensure their safety and privacy. On below you will find information gathering privacy statement for Dating-Chat.Org.

Questions or concerns regarding this statement can be immdiately contact to [email protected]. The Dating-Chat.Org site does not collect any personal information about you.

Dating-Chat.Org may use cookies to deliver your contents that interesting you. Our forum may use cookies to ensure your passwords are save, which give you option not to re-enter password each time you visit our forum. Dating-Chat.Org may use your IP address to solve any peroblem with chat servers. But Dating-Chat.Org doesn’t give out any IP address to any one in any situation.

Dating-Chat.Org use outsides ads from many advertisers to display ads. Those ads may contain cookies. Dating-Chat.Org doesn’t have any access to that information.

There are many web page links to Dating-Chat.Org with contents. Dating-Chat.Org is not responsible for the privacy commitment or the content of those web sites.

Dating-Chat.Org” doesn’t give out any information about users in any situation whether it’s in chat rooms or any other area. However “Dating-Chat.Org” advised you not to give personal information to any one while you are on chat rooms. Such as email address, home address, phone number or any personal related information. We valued our users and their privacy. So we do not give out any information about users to any one in any situation.

As always If you have any questions or concerns please contact [email protected]