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Dating Tips – Online dating tips – Bring your celllular phone fully charged.
dating idea – make a dating plan before you go out on date. 

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Dating Forum – A forum is designed for you to post your thought and express yourself. Share with your dating experience today with thousands of users. 

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What is dating? Dating is a mysterious relationship. You never know what is going to happen on your first date. You may like the person or may be not. But It’s relationship people think they already know but they don’t before go out on date.

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Dating Chat  – Free online dating chat rooms link to dating sites,dating personal,free singles dating chat line to find date online worldwide – Ultimate Dating Chat Site  – This is an exciting place to chat with people from all over the world. A live communication chat line. Join today and find date online worldwide


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Dating Chat Rooms  – Online dating chat site resources many free dating chat rooms all around the world including hmong dating chat room,turk dating chat room,thai dating chat room,malay dating chat room,spanish speaking dating chat room,moroccan maroc dating chat room with French and arabic speaking dating chat room,uk dating chat, and our web General Chat room where you can talk about dating and chat with many fan like you. 
General dating Chat Room  – Meet people online. General dating chat room for everyone 
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Dating Love Talk  – A girl  – Yes, I have fallen in love before but the guy I thought I was in love with was very different than I thought. So of course I had to drop him
You know everywhere I go I see a good lookin guy and I know I want him. But cant have him like that so I stare at him for a long time. If he comes over and is a gentle man oh yeah hes mine. If he starts acting differently because of some girl lookin at him.
I’ve fallen in love like 2 times, but you will know when it happens, and if it’s really love! You may all know how it is,just wait for the right person, thats all I am going to say you right now.


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Dating Advice  Things you should know,when you are looking for a date or relationship. 
Never give out phone number away in your first meeting. Most important thing is that you can not give away yourself. There are many kinds of people in this world. It is you who can mobilize yourself you know what you are going to do. Also try not to give out your psychical address to your first date. It’s very important to trust someone you need some times to observe him or her. 
Dating, in other words meeting someone who you can trust and buddy with him or her. So, It’s necessary to know the person you ask for date, who knows you may have future relationship with that person. Also, when you are on date, you need to make sure whatever you do think first. Bring a cellular phone when you are on date. You can always have many options. If you don’t like the person, you can come up something very quickly. As an eaxmple, you have basketball practice. But If you like the person and satisfied your judgement, congratulation! You made it!



 Dating Site  – Dating site is a  place to chat live with your choice  and talk about dating.   Online dating chat features dating chat rooms.

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Looking for a girl?  – Hey, what’s up. I’ve just been through a hard time with my break up and I’ve found that I’m not really missing her, rather, I’m missing that someone to talk to and to express myself. I also miss absolutely everything about a girl. Interested? Get back at me – A Guy

Piercing Talk  – ok I just wanted to know if anybody has a navel piercing..i want to get mine done and my mom will let me but my dad won’t…what should i do??? 
well try talking to your dad about it find out why he wont let you…. impress him with a eassy or something and some statistics about people with navel pirecings… it might help you get it if you really want it that bad…. 
Maybe you should re-think the whole piercing. Have you had any others? Or can you resist pain very well? I have had my ears, tounge, and navel peirced. Your belly button hurts the worst. 13 is way to young wait until your 15 or 16 to persuade him. After that just wiat until your 18 and then go do it inspite of him. But trust me you,ll have it out within at least 6 months, they really bother you. They get caught in your t-shirt, people can see it through tight t-shirts, and the whole stretches, you have a nasty scar after you take it out, and once it happens the scar NEVER gose away. Imagine yourself at 40 and your wrinkly the scar could be the size of a diamond. EEEW right? Well its up to you but think about it, please? I wish I hadn’t ever gotten mine, but whatever.
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